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Guardians of the Baseboards: A Guide to Skirting Board Upkeep

While shopping or browsing home decor ideas, a tagline like skirting board for sale might catch your attention, but once you’ve selected and installed the perfect skirting board for your space, the next vital step is ensuring its longevity. Skirting boards, or baseboards as some might call them, are not just aesthetic additions; they guard your walls against wear, tear, and scuffs. Thus, maintaining them is both a duty to aesthetics and functionality.

Embrace the Dust Dance:
It’s no ballet, but dusting should become a regular movement in your home maintenance routine. A soft brush or cloth is all it takes. Regular dusting prevents grime build-up, which can be tougher to remove over time.

Gentle Cleaning for the Win:
Every now and then, especially after a home event or during spring cleaning, give your skirting boards a gentle wipe-down. Warm soapy water and a soft cloth are perfect. For wooden skirting, a touch of wood cleaner can bring back the shine. Avoid abrasive materials and strong chemicals.

Mind the Gaps:
Over time, you may notice small gaps appearing between the wall and your skirting board. Don’t panic! A bit of caulk can fill in these gaps, giving a seamless look and preventing any dust or pests from settling in.

Tender Touch-Ups:
Minor scuffs or paint chips? They’re an easy fix. Keep a small can of matching paint for such moments. A quick dab, and it’s like the mishap never happened.

Ventilate Well:
Especially if you’re in a humid environment, ensure good ventilation. Moisture can be the nemesis for wooden or MDF skirting boards. If you spot any mold, address it immediately with a gentle cleaner.

Watch Your Vacuum:
While vacuuming, be cautious. The hard parts of a vacuum cleaner can sometimes scuff or dent the skirting board. Use the brush attachment, and be gentle around the edges.

Consider a Protective Seal:
For areas with high traffic, consider applying a protective sealant to the skirting board. This offers an added layer against potential scuffs and stains.